We are a group of vacation homes owners who, like you, got tired of the worries and anxiety related to having a property, or many, at a distance. There are many wonderful products to help a home owner out there, but they lack in aspects that we value:

  • Price – you can find either too cheap and very unreliable, or way too expensive
  • Reliability – Even the most expensive ones have trouble resuming connection or stopping communicating
  • Systemic approach – Only the most expensive ones offer an integrated environment that the user can monitor from their phone or their PCs, and data analysis is typically undeveloped. The many pieces of information received from the units and sensors are not tied together to tell us a story, together with a status
  • Range of functions – Many are limited, and don’t allow expanding the type and number of sensors to meet every personal monitoring need.

With this in mind, we have started a journey, since we are a bit techie, and are able to develop Cloud solutions and electronic controls that interface to the Internet of Things.

A vacation cabin

Our journey is made of several steps, and it is not completed.

  1. Define the basic needs for a vacation home owner

Is the house still there ?
Does it have power ?
Are the pipes freezing ?
Is humidity too high, allowing mold to develop ?
Is humidity too low, ruining my furniture ?
Are there propane leaks ?
What is the air quality at the place ?
Can I detect if there is water on the floor ?
Did any external devices generate an alarm ?
Is my thermostat working ?
Can I turn my AC on from remote ?
Did my grind pump’s alarm light go off ?
Can I get a snapshot image of the property every half hour ?
Can I turn a heater or a lamp light on and off from remote?
….. and so on and on….

2. Explore what devices are out there and what should be developed, and with what platform

3. Build prototypes, write the software and test the performance

4. Build the web app and the Cloud service

5. Deploy test units in a few locations

6. Collect data for a significant amount of time, improving the software and the control algorithms

7. Refine the design and manufacturability

8. Secure investors and incorporate business

9. Attain regulatory certifications (FCC, UL or equivalent, and anything applicable)

10. Check costs to confirm we are the most competitive

11. Start Marketing, Sales and Customer Support

We are at step 7, and quite pleased with the results. Next step is a big one, and we need your support to tackle the investment. Join us to support our efforts!

My Property Is Fine” will be a certainty, for all of us who will embrace the Service offered by this future Organization!